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As ISIS militants bolster their stronghold after seizing a Syrian air force base, the Pentagon is considering options for striking targets inside of Syria. Syrian officials recently agreed to cooperate with U.S. efforts to strike ISIS within its borders, but have stressed the U.S. would have to obta

China and the US have held their first-ever vice-ministerial level talks on anti-terrorism cooperation in Washington. The talks are a follow-up to the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, which was held last week in Beijing

The emerging economies signed a long-anticipated document to create a $100 billion BRICS Development Bank. The institution will counter the influence of Western lending firms as well as the dollar. DETAILS: RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!

Libyan militia fighters with anti-aircraft guns and mortars transform Tripoli Airport into a battlefield, cutting off the Libyan capital from the outside world. Vanessa Johnston reports. Subscribe: More updates and breaking news: Re

A powerful SIX-point-EIGHT magnitude earthquake struck off Japan’s northern coast early Saturday– near the nuclear power plant crippled in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. This time though, a major crisis seems to have been avoided.

Beijing – The Chinese government may have splashed millions into research on toxic pollutants, but the capital Beijing is choking in its worst smog in months. Smog has plagued mainland cities in recent years and northeast China is worst affected.

Five North Koreans were rescued from a sinking fishing boat in waters off South Korea’s Dokdo island last week. The South Korean Coast Guard discovered the fishing boat about 60 kilometers northeast of Dokdo on Friday morning… and rescued all five crew members on board. According to an o

June 16 (Bloomberg) — Pollution is rarely big news these days. You’re more likely to hear about it in a history lesson on the Industrial Revolution. But many European cities are suffering as air pollution is becoming a serious problem. Bloomberg’s Tom Gibson reports. (Source: Bloom

Sat, Jun 14: An innovative new venture in one Chinese city is offering consumers electric powered rental cars but as our Asia correspondent Paul Johnson reports, the push away from gasoline is a drive towards an even dirtier source of energy. For more info, please go to

China has developed a major plan to move industries and factories to cut over-population and pollution in the capital, Beijing.

A wave of car bombs explode across Baghdad, killing more than 60 people, Sarah Toms reports. Subscribe: More updates and breaking news: Reuters tells the world’s stories like no one else. As the largest international multimedi

Many parts of China have serious pollution problems, and in an effort to rectify the situation the country will be getting rid of over 5 million cars. Many parts of China have serious pollution problems, and in an effort to rectify the situation the country will be getting rid of over 5 million cars

The Pontiff wraps up his three-day balancing act in a call for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.