MERS Virus Updates

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The latest person infected with MERS is an unidentified Illinois man who had only mild symptoms and never went to the doctor for treatment. CDC scientists believe he was exposed to the virus after casual contact with the Indiana doctor who was the first documented case in the U.S. Mark Strassmann re

Fast facts about the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome that has reached the U.S. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is viral respiratory illness first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012. It is caused by a corona virus called MERS-CoV. Most people who have been confirmed to have MERS-CoV infection

A MERS patient in Orlando appears to have infected at least two other people. The CDC is trying to track down hundreds of passengers and crew members who may have shared a flight with the patient. CBS News medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips reports.

The Centers for Disease Control placed 22 airports on alert for the MERS virus.

CDC investigators are tracking down US passengers who flew with the patient.

About 20 hospital workers at two Orlando hospitals who came into contact with a Saudi resident with the second U.S. case of the MERS virus are being monitored for any symptoms and have been told to stay home for two weeks. (May 13)