Beyonce "Haunted" in 50 Shades of Grey Trailer is Perfection

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Just when you thought the newest trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey couldn’t get ANY sexier, they went and added definition of sexy, Beyonce into the mix!
The full trailer for the highly-anticipated book turned movie hit the Interwebs on Thursday night, and yes, a ton of people are loving it, but let’s not forget about the perfect inclusion of Beyonce’s song “Haunted” and how this track is making the trailer the perfection that it is. And just in case you aren’t aware for whatever reason, “Haunted” is a track off her surprise, self-titled album that she dropped in December of last year. Check it out.
Seriously – how perfect is that?! The plot of the movie is so intense, and Beyonce’s equally intense song certainly does the trailer justice.
And as you might recall, when the first teaser trailer was released back in July, they also included a sexy, slowed down rendition of Beyonce’s hit song “Crazy in Love,” which, again, fit perfectly if we do say so ourselves. Plus, talk about a genius move…sucking in the Bey-hive with her babeness and turning them into instant 50 Shades fans – good job people.
So between that and now “Haunted” in the new trailer, it looks like Beyonce has tons of faith in this movie, because if we know Queen B, she doesn’t include herself in anything that mediocre. And that’s a good sign for fans everywhere, because some people were nervous on how this adaptation would go. Especially after it was plagued with some early pre-production problems when Charlie Hunnam dropped out. So it looks like we can all rest easy until the movie comes out Valentine’s Day 2015.
Do you think this song fit perfectly with the trailer? Or do you think it’s kind of weird Beyonce would get involved with this movie at all? Hit the comments to get talking, then click HERE to learn a few things you might not have known about queen B. Also, in other movie news, be sure to click HERE to check out the trailer for Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 for some good old fashioned LOLs. And don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver Music while you’re at it. I’m your girl Joslyn Davis, thanks so much for hanging with us. We’ll see you around, and TGIF! – Visit our website! – Facebook Fan Page! – Follow Us!

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