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National park ranger Anne Spillane gives a 3-minute park highlight from Crater Lake Lodge in Oregon. Over 5 miles wide and nearly 2,000 feet deep at its deepest point, Crater Lake has a mystique all its own. Visitors enjoy hiking trails along the rim of the extinct volcano, the Crater Lake boat to

5 Awesome Places you didn’t know About. There are plenty of awesome places on earth but these, you didn’t know about! Or at the very least you had never heard about some of them! 5. Underwater River This amazing phenomenon is located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and is one of the

Why do some many new-agers flock to Sedona, Arizona? What is a vortex and what does it have to do with spirituality? What are some of Sedona’s other attractions? Tune in to learn more about Sedona.

The problem with fancy yachts is it’s always just ONE boat. To fix that small problem, Pastrovich Studio offers a concept that’ll take sexy yachts to the modular level. The custom build your own 77m X R-EVOLUTION concept could be a reality… someday. Sources: Pastrovich Studio Website –

Princess Cruises is the #1 North American Cruise Line in Japan. Travel through Japan with Princess and immerse yourself in the history, culture, and cuisine of Japan. Cruise from Tokyo, Kobe, or Otaru on an invigorating journey to Japan’s most legendary destinations. Learn more about Princess&

If you are visiting Athens then the number 1 tourist attraction to see is the world famous Acropolis. Considering the history of the Acropolis with all the wars, earthquakes, pollution etc. it is amazing the place is still standing. Fortunately a lot of construction work is happening putting the Par

Explore everything from culture to cuisine during a weekend in the Spanish capital. Produced by: Alexandra Garcia Read the story here: Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free and get a handpicked selection of the best videos from The New York Times every week: http://

Shining bright on the Las Vegas Strip, the 550-foot-tall High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel. The Las Vegas attraction provides tourists and locals alike the ride of a lifetime. The epic wheel is the crown jewel of The LINQ, the Strip’s all-new outdoor shopping, dining a

On the southeast coast of France, Nice welcomes travelers with alluring restaurants, a broad beach, sherbet-hued buildings and gay-friendly night life. Produced by: Max Cantor, Chris Carmichael, Will Lloyd and Fritzie Andrade Read the story here: Subscribe to the Times Video n

For the adventure seeker, this is a great combination tour with two unique experiences: An award-winning zipline canopy tour and tubing down the famous Martha Brae River.

Because it has to. When the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is finished in four years, it’ll need a hefty elevator to scoot people up and down. Equipped with new UltraRope tech, these elevators will cover a lot of vertical space, nauseatingly fast. Source: Mail Online – http://dai

Some restaurants, especially in the mid-priced range, find desserts to be less advantageous for the bottom line, as they incur expenses to produce yet generate less income and profit than other money makers like alcohol. Some restaurants may not be so enthusiastic when their diners choose to indulge