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A New Hampshire police commissioner has resigned after being overheard calling President Obama the “n-word,” and later defending his actions at a public meeting. (May 19)

President Barack Obama lists assets worth between $1.95 million and $7.15 million, of which $1 million to $5 million were in Treasury notes, according to financial disclosure forms released on Thursday. Obama and his wife, Michelle, in April reported income of $503,183 last year. As president, Obama

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Three weeks after South Korea’s ferry tragedy, the government on Wednesday said it miscounted the number of survivors, a stunning error and the latest of many missteps that have eroded the nation’s confidence in its leaders. Coast guard chief Kim Suk-kyoon said only 172 people survived t

John King, Julie Pace & Ron Fournier debate the GOP’s smoking gun on newly released emails from the Benghazi attack. More from CNN at To license this and other CNN/HLN content, visit or e-mail

Two weeks have passed since the tragic Sewol-ho ferry disaster put the entire nation in a state of shock, sorrow and frustration. The number of confirmed dead stands at 212, and ninety people still remain unaccounted for. For a look at the latest developments on the search-and-rescue front and the o

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Divers are stepping up their search of the capsized ferry on this Thursday… as hope has all but vanished that isolated pockets of air might be able to support any of the 143 passengers still unaccounted for. Coast Guard, Navy and civilian divers have now accessed cabins on the third and fourth

First U.S. troops land in Poland as a show of force against Russia, CNN’s Jim Sciutto reports.

John King, Juana Summers and Robert Costa debate Karl Rove’s comments that Obama’s Keystone decision is about politics.

Pope Francis rode out on the popemobile Sunday to greet more than 150,000 tourists in St. Peter’s Square for Easter Sunday, Christianity’s most joyous and hopeful day. (April 20)

Hundreds gathered Thursday at the Jewish Community Center for a memorial service in honor of the three people shot dead in Sunday’s shooting in suburban Kansas City, Kan.

Police say a man drove to a Jewish community center in Kansas, began asking people if they were Jewish and opened fire.

Sivarasa Rasiah speaks about his friendship with MH370 pilot Zaharie Shah, defending him against accusations.

House of Representatives panel voted along party lines on Thursday to hold a former Internal Revenue Service officer in contempt of Congress over her role in a 2013 controversy involving IRS targeting of conservative political groups. Lois Lerner, former head of the IRS tax-exempt division, twice ex