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Parts of the world including the Americas and Australia witnessed the first of four total eclipses. The lunar eclipses will take place roughly every six months for the next two years, known as ‘tetrad’. This is very rare and the next one will be in 2032. VIDEO COURTESY: NASA View stunnin

Scientists say a world that’s 490 light-years away qualifies as the first confirmed Earth-sized exoplanet that could sustain life. Elisa Quintana,an astronomer at the SETI Institute at NASA Ames Research Center,told the journal Science,The planet, known as Kepler-186f, is “more of an Ear

‘Rapacious’ Galaxy NGC 1316 has devoured many other galaxies during its violent history. Fossils of this mayhem can be seen in new imagery from ESO’s La Silla Observatory. In comparison, galaxy NGC 1317’s spiral arms are sound. Credit: ESO

The petals of a flower found in Japan and China turn clear whenever they come in contact with water. Nature never ceases to amaze with the beautiful things it has created. One of those is an incredibly unique plant known as “the skeleton flower.” Found predominately in Japan and China,